Trial NFT Program

New users without NFT items can try the app with Trial NFT Program freely, but 50% of the earned tokens will be paid for the app as the platform fee. Users can use trial shoes to travel with the 50% earning.

E.g: Users can travel 2km, then earn 10XTR. However, with rental shoes, they will get 5XTR only.

Trial conditions

  • Trial fee: FREE

  • Trial item type: NFT Shoe

  • Number of items: 01

  • Trial duration: 30 days

  • Trial item attributes:










  • Trial NFT can not be used for minting, selling or transferring, but can be leveled up.

  • Earned tokens thru traveling with Trial NFT, registering new spots, adding review/photos/overview will be locked, can be used to purchase in game only.

  • Users can withdraw tokens only when owning Genesis NFT AND other normal NFT.

  • The Trial time will be ended when

  • After 30 days, the Trial time expires users cannot use trial shoes to continue traveling. They need to import tokens to buy NFTs.

  • During 30 days trial time, if the user decides to buy NFT. Rental shoes will be removed from the item list.

*Note: Only users who do not own any Genesis NFTs can rent from xtrip. The Trial NFT Program is not applicable to users who have owned Genesis NFT.

To sell NFT on the Marketplace, please set the minimum price at 100XTR.

How to get Trial NFT

Step 1: Download xtrip, register and activate an account.

Step 2: Click on "Get it" on the pop-up notification.

Step 3: At xtrip Shop, choose Trial Shop. Choose the NFT Shoe you want to try and click “Trial”.

Step 4: Read the condition carefully and start your journey with xtrip.

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