xtrip Whitepaper
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Life time Recovery

Life time which is NFT's ability to travel distance can be recovered 3 times per NFT. If lifetime goes below 5KM, it will show recovery icon like below and user can recover lifetime with token or item.(currently user can recover with token only.)

Recovery Cost

here is recovery cost if user use token
1st time: NFT's FULL lifetime x 1XTR + 5 GXT 2nd time : NFT's FULL lifetime x 2 XTR + 10 GXT 3rd time: NFT's FULL lifetime x 3 XTR + 15 GXT eg: If you want to recover shoes NFT which has 120km Life time 1st time: 120 XTR + 5 GXT 2nd time : 240 XTR + 10 GXT 3rd time: 360 XTR + 15 GXT