There are two kinds of Tokens user can use and earn:

Game Token: XTR

Contract: 0xb3f252E9E3Ee56f564e13654F1d85aeDc7606b28

XTR accumulates after traveling with xtrip app. The amount of rewarded XTR depends on three main factors: NFT Efficiency Attribute (Higher Efficiency accumulates more XTR), Distance you travel (longer distance accumulates more XTR) and Spots you visited. (For Spots, please see Spots page.)

Users can use XTR to improve their NFTs and Minting.

Governance Token: GXT

Contract: 0x0639B0822D0038e70B4455B041E227e85F6029De

GXT is a governance token of xtrip. By using GXT, users can level-up their NFTs, mint, and participate in decision-making in DAO

Where can we trade?

You can trade at Trader Joe Here is how: 1. Go To Trade Menu

2. Select AVAX and XTR or GXT (for XTR and GXT you need to key in contract address )

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