Users need to connect their MetaMask e-wallet to complete transactions on xtrip including deposit and withdraw tokens; send and import NFTs.

1. Creat MetaMask e-wallet

Just a few simple steps and users can create their own e-wallet to do transactions. First of all, users need to install the MetaMask extension to the browser. Open the available browser (in this example, we use Chrome as the web browser).

Step 1: Install MetaMask Extension to your browser

Step 2: Create a password

Step 3: Secure the wallet

Save the 12-word Secret Recovey Phrase

Step 4: Pin MetaMask extension to the browser

2. Connect MetaMask e-wallet to xtrip app

To connect MetaMask e-wallet to xtrip, users need to set their MetaMask network as Avalanche Network C-Chain

Step 1: Log in xtrip webapp

Access xtrip webapp at and log in with your xtrip account.

Step 2: Open Manage wallet page to connect e-wallet

Step 3: Connect xtrip webapp in MetaMask

Now, users have connected MetaMask e-wallet to xtrip successfully. Users can also disconnect e-wallet if wanted by choosing "Disconnect".

3. Withdraw/Deposit tokens

After connecting e-wallet, users can deposit or withdraw tokens between xtrip and e-wallet. On the Spending wallet, choose "Withdraw token" or "Deposit token"

4. Send NFT to e-wallet

Step 1: Choose the NFT users want to send

Step 2: Fill in the wallet address users want to send NFT to

Users can send NFT to their own wallet or to their friend's wallet as a gift.

5. Import NFT from e-wallet to xtrip

Firstly, check your received NFT on your wallet

To import NFT into xtrip to travel, access, connect e-wallet then import NFT.

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