Genesis NFTs

What is Genesis NFTs?

Genesis NFTs is NFTs which has

  • 3 time longer life time of general NFTs (Shoes NFT ' life time is only 120KM but Genesis Shoes NFT's life time is 360km)

  • higher possibility to have better NFT with using genesis NFT

  • higher possibility to have Twin if mint has done with Genesis NFT

  • level up point can be used for Distance for Genesis NFT (coming up at the beginning of April)

  • right to join some special events at xtrip

  • might have some airdrop.

Where to get Genesis NFTs

Genesis NFTs will be sold at Shop at website. If it is sold out, you only can get it at Marketplace from other users.

How to purchase Genesis NFTs at shop?

Users can purchase Genesis NFT by AVAX or Credit card.

<purchase by AVAX>

1. Access Xtrip website and select manage wallet

2. Connect your own wallet

4. Go to shop and purchase Genesis NFTs

<purchase Genesis NFT by Credit Card>

1. Access xtrip shop website and select NFT to purchase

2. Select Credit Card button, fill out information and click payment button

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