xtrip Whitepaper
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Sharing Information

Once users visit spots, they can earn XTR or GXT with the following actions:

Add overview

Add photos

Add reviews

The user can only add reviews for the spots that they visited before
Click on the spot to leave a review
Also, when finishing a trip, the user will see the list of passing spots. The users can add reviews here:
Notice: Only one review or photo for the same spot per month is eligible.

Register spots, leave review and leave photos without an NFT or traveling

Users who haven’t bought any NFT or on any trip can register spots.
To be more specific, they can:
  • Share up to 20 reviews/photos daily
  • Leave only one review or photo for the same spot per month.
Steps to add a new spot
Steps to add a review about a spot
Steps to add photos of a spot