Stake tokens

Users can earn tokens based on the determined APY by staking XTR and GXT.

APY fluctuates dynamically depending on the staking situation. Users can enjoy various in-game benefits by staking.

Users who have contributed to staking can earn tokens efficiently. When users want to proceed with the game efficiently, it is recommended that they should stake tokens to the maximum quantity.

Staking period will be 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. You still can withdraw your tokens in the middle of the staking period but you will lose earning tokens.

How to stake XTR/GXT tokens

Here is step-by-step instruction: Step 1: Open Spending wallet on xtrip app; Step 2: Choose "Staking xtrip"; Step 3: Select the type of token, duration and amount of token; Step 4: Check the staking information and click on "Start stake".

Staking tokens can give users better chances to get higher rank NFT through NFT Minting. Detailed information as following table:

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